Our webinar programme for member schools continues to provide additional support during challenging times.  The webinars form part of our accredited training programme.


The webinar format allows ISBA members to:

  • 'tune-in' from their office or home; and
  • pose questions to a panel of prominent speakers in real-time.


Our webinars are aimed at key members of the school's senior management team as well as providing practical advice for staff in support roles who are involved in the various aspects of the school's the day-to-day running.


Webinars are facilitated by leading sector specialists and last about an hour.

In addition to updates on teachers' pensions, and legal and finance sessions, a selection of webinars that have taken place recently have included:

  • Leadership in Difficult Times with Sir John Timpson - how to think ahead and step back from daily distractions.   
  • An Actuary's View of TPS with Richard Soldan - an insight into the background pressures on school finances and staff relationships with key information on recent changes in TPS rules which schools should know about.
  • Wellbeing for Staff with Kim Gregory - useful tips to repair the damage the pandemic has done to the mental health of all.
  • Where Now for the Economy with John Kelly - the basis for the beginning of a five-year strategy for schools from now to 2026.
  • Where Now for the Independent Sector with Mungo Dunnett - an informed view against which assumptions in schools' five-year plans can be checked and altered if necessary.
  • Brexit - Where Now for the Economy with Edward Smith - factoring change into schools' strategies.