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Executive Master


The Bursar is the administrative leader of the College and is responsible for all non-academic operations. The Bursar is supported by members of staff offering leadership in and guidance on finance, purchasing, HR, facilities, IT, school services, etc.  

The Bursar reports to the Executive Master on a day-to-day operational basis but is also accountable to the Board of Governors.

The Executive Master is responsible to the governors for the overall wellbeing of the College, and the Bursar is accountable for the implementation and daily running of the financial and administrative systems, and the timely flow of accurate and relevant financial information to support that process.



The Bursar is a key member of the Senior Leadership Team and works closely alongside the other Senior Leaders to develop, articulate and promote the vision, mission, and values of the College. The Bursar is responsible for the non-academic Strategic Development Plan and associated KPIs and actions as well as continuously reviewing and improving the College’s strategy in the areas of finance, operations, and risk management.


The Bursar is a key member of the facilities sub-committee and the finance and HR sub-committee meetings under the governorship of the School Advisory Board (SAB). The Bursar, in conjunction with the chair of each sub-committee, is responsible for the preparation and circulation of the agenda and papers ahead of the sub-committee meetings and the subsequent production and distribution of minutes.

The Bursar attends the School Advisory Board (SAB) meetings as a non-voting member, by invitation.

The Bursar is directly accountable to the board for all non-academic aspects of the College, except marketing and admissions.


The finance department works under the general direction of the Bursar. The Bursar holds ultimate responsibility for the preparation of the budgets and financial projections of the College and the control of expenditure within the approved budgets. The Bursar also bears the responsibility for the maintenance of the College’s accounting records, the preparation of all pupils’ accounts, and for ensuring their prompt settlement.

The Bursar will be responsible for the preparation and filing of statutory financial statements and all tax filings and compliance with tax regulations.

Human Resources

The Bursar is responsible for the smooth running of all departments within the administrative structure of the College and is responsible for the structure and development of those teams to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the College.

The Bursar oversees recruitment across the College, including supporting and guiding the academic teams on the recruitment, onboarding, and induction of teaching staff and directly managing the human resources team. The Bursar has ultimate responsibility for the appointment of all non-teaching support staff. The Bursar is also responsible for the administration of compensation and benefits across the College in line with WCC Group Policy and Safer Recruitment.

The Bursar is responsible for overall leadership and management of all members of the non-teaching staff who are employed throughout the College and for appraising key members of staff as well as managing all disciplinary matters concerning the non-teaching staff. The Bursar will identify areas in which they would benefit from training and development and lead on succession planning, and talent development, within the non-academic functions.

Buildings and Grounds

The Bursar is responsible for the maintenance of all College buildings and the upkeep of the College grounds and playing fields. The Bursar is also responsible for the cleanliness, good condition, and security of the College buildings and other facilities.

The Bursar is responsible for arranging accommodation for all College staff, it is sourcing, and upkeep, as well as the letting arrangements of College property to outside organizations.

The Bursar has overall responsibility for health and safety, ensuring that the College complies with the highest standards of relevant legislation, and for ensuring that the College’s safety policy is kept up to date. The Bursar will be responsible for chairing the regular safety committee meetings and for arranging the annual health and safety audit.

Record Keeping

The Bursar is responsible for the maintenance of complete archives relating to all College functions especially financial and budgeting, the physical plant, pupil records, and employee records.

The Bursar needs to ensure that the College always has accurate and up-to-date records of all necessary information on pupils and their families.

The Bursar is also responsible for all the administrative and financial arrangements involved in the withdrawal of pupils from the College.

General Administration and Vendor Management

The Bursar is responsible for the:

  • Supervision of technology and technology support staff. Computerization of College administration, admissions, pupil files, etc.
  • Negotiation of contracts especially, for example, the cafeteria, the provision of bus transport and school uniform with outside suppliers, and management of the services provided to ensure that the contracts are implemented as agreed.
  • Maintenance of fully adequate insurance policies covering all risks likely to affect the College's physical plant, pupils, and employees.
  • Proper registration of all certificates and licenses with government and regulatory authorities.
  • Ensuring proper legal review and minimize risks on all College contracts and documents.







Bachelor's degree or above required


Major in finance or business (preferred but not essential)


Fluent in English (oral and written)


Working Experience

Minimum of 10 years’ working experience in the field of business

Management experience in operations, including at least 7 years of people management

Experience of managing multidisciplinary teams

Experience within the school and education field preferred, ideally in a group of schools and/or internationally

Understanding of high-quality education


• Experience in leading multicultural partnership projects
• A skilled negotiator

• Strategic and commercially astute

• Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, able to work with people from different cultures and at different levels of seniority
• Well-organised and goal-oriented

• Analytical, positive and constructive approach


• Innovative, creative problem-solver

• Strong emotional intelligence

• Reliable, tenacious and self-motivated

• Culturally sensitive

• Passionate about quality with an eye for detail and a restless desire to reflect and improve

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