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So You Want to be a Bursar?

If you are considering a new career as a bursar or a senior member of the support staff within the independent school sector why not come along to our popular 'So, You Want to be a Bursar?' course which offers an insight into this stimulating and challenging career.  The course is a half-day briefing and is available to non-members.

Aims of the course

The course will provide essential information on:

  • the independent schools sector including the Independent Schools Council (ISC) and constituent associations (including the ISBA) and types of school (preparatory, senior, boarding, day etc);
  • necessary qualifications, experience and training opportunities;
  • roles and responsibilities of a bursar;
  • current challenges facing independent schools including political, regulatory and compliance issues;
  • the differences between a school business manager in the maintained sector and a bursar in the independent sector plus changing support staff structures; and
  • opportunities available and how to approach the job search.

Target audience

Aspiring bursars and senior members of the support staff who have considerable administrative management experience at a senior level. 


  • David Woodgate, Chief Executive Officer, ISBA
  • Paul Simpson, Professional Development Director, ISBA
  • Janine Brooks, Business Director, ISBA
  • Margaret McKenna, Bursar and ISBA Chairman

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