Locum bursars

Locum bursars

For a variety of reasons schools sometimes find themselves in need of a temporary bursar, either to fill a gap between the departure of a previous bursar and the arrival of a successor or to cover periods of sickness/maternity/paternity or holiday leave. Occasionally, it is to cover a period of peak workload where the current bursar simply requires some help. The duration can be from a few weeks to several months or even a year. The ISBA can normally assist with this in the guise of a former bursar who has indicated a willingness to undertake this type of employment. 

In response to a request from a school, we will trawl a number of possible candidates from our locum list whose experience matches the school concerned, and we will then seek an expression of interest from the individuals and provide the school with their CVs. The school is invited to approach its preferred candidate and negotiate an agreed fee and timetable for the period concerned.

Occasionally locums find themselves being offered permanent positions on completion of a short-term contract as the relationship between bursar and employer has already been established. The locum knows the working practices and scope of the job, while the employer has first-hand knowledge of the skills and aptitude of the applicant concerned.

If you would like us to provide your school with a locum please contact Head Office either by emailing us or telephone 01256 330369.

We can also help schools with the appraisal of bursars and mentors for those bursars new to post - call and speak to John Murphie, Chief Operating Officer.